About Competitive EDGE

We are physical therapy as it should be — trusted, passionate professionals using state of the art technology to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and a clear path forward.

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Physical Therapy, Reimagined

We fused expertise in biomechanics with pinpoint data and feedback to empower YOU to transform your life through movement. 

The Current PT System Needs an Upgrade

You Deserve Time, Attention, And Personalized Care

Before founding Competitive EDGE, Dr. Kevin Vandi had worked in a traditional physical therapy setting for years, and in that time, he realized that between the number of clients he was expected to see each day and the amount of time he had with each of them, the model wasn’t helping anyone…least of all the clients.  


So, he set out to make a change and create a place where people could receive the time and individualized attention that was not only deserved, but necessary to heal effectively and prevent future injury. He wanted PEOPLE to be the center of the practice, not the business…

And just like that, Competitive EDGE was born as a place where relationships could be built on mutual trust and shared goals, therapists could take the time to educate and empower their clients, and above all else, YOU remain the center of the care — not insurance, not an appointment quota, and not profit margins.

Personalized Guidance
Physical Therapy (Riekes)

Cue the opportunity to modernize physical therapy.

If you look around you, in the last 50 years, things have changed dramatically. Computers that used to take up entire rooms at universities now fit in your pocket and are integrated into your life. Cars are learning to drive themselves, your watch can warn you of heart abnormalities, and there’s more information available to you in a push of a button than people used to see in a lifetime — and while we’re not the Jetsons just yet, we’re on a steady path of technological advancement. 


Most clinics, even the excellent ones, are still operating on principles and progressions that have been taught for years with little intervention or evolution.

Gait Analysis - Running Data
RTS - Drop Jump

No Guru Approaches or Fad Treatments

Just Research-based Plans Rooted in Data

The fundamentals of human movement and how the body heals hasn’t changed dramatically in the last few decades, but our ability to measure that healing and speed it up with actual, real-life data has.


And we believe it’s time that capability was used to help you heal faster, create a stronger connection between your brain and your body, and — most importantly — reclaim the movements that are most important to your life, whether it’s your weekend run or a game of soccer or jumping around with your kids. 


We’ve incorporated research-grade technology into our treatment to give you the absolute best and most efficient pathway back to healthy movement and pain-free activity. Once the path is outlined, we’re here as your educators and guides. We provide the game plan if you’ll put in the hard work, but don’t worry; we’ll be here every step of the way (literally) to support and challenge you.

Meet the Values That Drive Competitive EDGE

To keep us on top of our game as your movement experts and sharpen our focus on you and your goals, we have five Core Values that provide the foundation for all we do:

People First, Patient Second

You’re more than just an injury  or another appointment to us; you’re a whole person with goals, priorities, and nuance, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Movement is Medicine

The body is remarkable and capable of incredible resilience when we set it up for success. Before opting for pain killers, surgery, or a limited life, learn to move the way your body was made to. 

Lead with Integrity

We’re setting out to change the field of physical therapy as we know it, and that’s going to come with challenges. We will stay true to who we are and who our clients need us to be as we navigate growth.

Practice Humility while Pursuing Growth and Innovation

In order to best serve our clients, we can never stop growing and learning in an effort to be better than yesterday. Often, that means putting our own egos in check to embrace new information. 

Live and Work with Passion

Through the great days and the challenging days, one thing remains constant: we all love what we do, and we bring that passion to work with us every day. 

Experience A Better Way To Overcome Injury

You and your goals are and always will be our number one priority. We promise that we’ll never stop pushing the limits of using movement as medicine so you can live the life you want without limitation. Take the first step and click the button below to start feeling and moving better today.

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