The running blueprint Online

The only science-backed training system that’s helped more than 800 runners leave injury behind, increase resiliency, and build power, speed, and efficiency. 

Location Shouldn't Limit the Best Running of Your Life

The Running Blueprint is a science-backed running program that’s rooted in data and proven to decrease pain and risk of injury while improving performance and helping you reach your running goals.


And it’s all available online, 24/7, wherever you are. ⁣

Running is a Global Pastime

but far too many runners are injured each year

Using the most up-to-date research available on biomechanics, running form, strength training, and explosive power, plus data from thousands of runners, I developed a targeted, systematic program called The Running Blueprint. Over more than a decade of clinical practice and with more than three terabytes of running data collected, the program has been refined, rethought, updated, and tested again to bring you the program available to you today. 


The fully online  Running Blueprint progrm allows you to fix minute form errors, activate dormant muscles, and develop power, strength, and confidence in your running no matter where you are. 


And it does that by diverging from every running coach and training plan in one major way…

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Running as a Skill

Approach Running as a Skill

Running requires practice to achieve mastery

Think about that for a minute…pitchers practice throwing, basketball players practice shooting, and swimmers practice the most efficient and powerful way to stroke. 


But no one ever teaches you how to run.


You just start one day. Running is incredible in its accessibility and capacity to change lives — mentally and physically. But, at some point in your running journey, you’re likely to experience injury (nearly 80% of runners are injured each year!). 


If you consider the high injury rate together with the lack of training … it follows that maybe we’re not all running optimally, or even safely. 


The truth is, most running injuries are entirely preventable if you adopt optimal biomechanical form, strengthen the right muscles, and above all else, actually practice running.

That might sound daunting, but that’s where The Running Blueprint comes in. It’s a streamlined, focused approach to getting you to the best running of your life. It’s rooted in science, backed by data, and has been proven to reduce injury risk and improve performance.

Here's What Russ Had to Say About The Running Blueprint:

Running Without Pain is possible

become the best runner you Can be

Join The Running Blueprint and experience the difference optimized form, precise biomechanics, and a supportive community can make for your running. It’s time to leave pain behind and run towards your goals. 

Not Ready Yet?

If all that information sounds GREAT, but you’re not ready to commit to an involved training plan, we understand. 

Making a decision to invest in training requires time and trust. 

You’ve probably tried programs or training plans that didn’t meet your expectations, didn’t get you the results you want, and felt like a waste of time. 

It’s frustrating to follow a specific protocol, adjust your training schedule, give it your all, and then still not see the results you want. 


We have a  FREE program option, “How to Solve the Four Most Common Running Form Errors,” that’s still based in science and incorporates the same philosophy as The Running Blueprint — running is a skill to be practiced. 


You can work through the course modules on your own time, with nothing to lose — and everything to gain!

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