ACL Rehabilitation:
Return to Sport Program

Recover faster from ACL injury and confidently return to play with a comprehensive analysis and a data-backed plan. 

Return to Play with Confidence

We’ll build you the safest, most effective rehabilitation plan based on your movement data — so you can stay focused on safely getting back in the game.

Data-Backed Testing
and Research-Grade

All of our assessments and training techniques are backed by the most up-to-date research for ACL rehabilitation so that you can feel confident every stop of the way. Plus, our advanced technology allows us to assess your movement and training from every angle — we leave no (biomechanical) stone unturned.

Real Time Feedback to
Speed Up Recovery

When you’re training with us, you can be certain you’re not just going through the motions. Using industry-leading technology like EMGs and force plate measurements, you can see the effect your efforts are having in real-time, and focus your training for maximum impact.

Regain Your Speed, Power,
and Agility

For athletes, rehabilitation shouldn’t stop at running and quad strength. We’ll work with you through sport-specific training and challenging movement drills to ensure that you’re ready — mentally and physically — to step back on the field.

More Than Standard Physical Therapy

Getting back to sports after an ACL Injury Requires high-intensity, sport-specific training to ensure you’re ready to play without being at risk for another injury.

Care Designed for Athletes

As an athlete, you understand that to perform your best you need to work hard, challenge yourself, and go beyond your current limits — and recovering from surgery or injury is no different. 

Our specialized ACL program was created by athletes, for athletes, to ensure that you can return to play with confidence and minimal risk of future injury — and that means practicing things like running, cutting, kicking, and reacting to variable situations.

Throughout your rehab, testing, and training, you’ll have the space and support you need to bring your gameplay movement back to 100%. You’ll run, cut, and jump during your sessions, as well as use power racks and full weight equipment to bring your strength back up to competition level — not just traditional rehab checkpoints.

RTS - Hop Test
RTS Force Plate Data

See Your Progress In Real Time

Our return to sport program is unlike any other in the Bay Area. Throughout your care with us, we’re focused on getting you back to play as quickly and safely as possible, all while following the best standards for returning to sport. 


Our ACL program outlines definitive milestones for each phase of your rehabilitation so you can know you’re on track while achieving victories during your journey.


Throughout your care with us, you’ll work on dynamic, sports-specific movement to prepare you mentally and physically to get back in the game, all while receiving measurable feedback from our research-grade technology. We’ll check your progress using muscle EMG, dynamometry testing, force plate feedback, and high speed video to make sure you’re performing exercises correctly, developing optimal form, and not creating risky compensations in your movements.

Get a Return to Sport Score

Plus, using specific test data, we are able to pinpoint areas of weakness and provide a quantitative “return to sport score” that will tell you if you’re in a low, moderate, or high injury risk category. You’ll get measurable feedback on your biomechanics, jumping, running, cutting, balance, and strength symmetry to create a full picture of you as an athlete — and your potential for injury. 


We also compare your test scores to a database of over 50,000 athletes which provides head-to-head assessment against peers of your same age, sport, and competition level. Our return to sport and pre-season screening tests have helped the San Jose Earthquakes drastically reduce their injury rate. Trust the same testing used by the pros!

Experience Physical Therapy with Measurable Data

Be confident that the work you’re doing is paying off through real-time feedback and measurable progress points.


Throughout the first six months post-op, you’ll work with a doctor of physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion and start reintroducing sports movements like running and jumping. You’ll be using muscle EMG technology and force plate feedback to rebuild the brain-body connection faster and see your efforts pay off in real time.

Initial Testing

At approximately 6 months post-op, you’ll perform the first return to sport test. This series of tests provides a deep dive into your sports-specific movements like cutting, running, decelerating, and jumping. The data gathered at this appointment will guide the next 4-6  months of your training based on any weaknesses or compensations demonstrated.

Training and Retesting

Based on the results of your first return to sport test, you’ll continue rehabilitation and training with a specific focus: shoring up any remaining areas of weakness and returning you to 100 percent intensity. At the end of training, you’ll take the same test again to see your improvement and ensure you’re ready for full play.

Trust the Same Testing The Professionals Use

Get Back to Action Stronger and Faster

ACL recovery is hard work, and you deserve a team that will work as hard as you do. We’ll guide you through a personalized plan of care and measure your progress every step of the way so that you can focus on getting back to playing at 100 percent.

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