Dance Analysis

Reduce your risk of injury through pinpoint insights and optimal biomechanics to make sure you’re able to train and dance at your best.

Build Resilience to Match the High Demands of Dance

Reduce your risk of injury and increase your capacity to dance through a data-backed, personalized program.

Precision Technology to
Match Your Level of Detail

Dance is aesthetic and exact, and you need data that can match the standards you set for yourself. We don’t stop at good enough; we measure every detail from every angle to ensure that you’re stable and safe in all your movements, from every jete to pirouette.

Training Designed to
Elevate Your Dancing,
Not Eclipse It

We understand that dance is your primary focus. We won’t ask you to build strength in unnecessary ways or spend time on drills that don’t benefit you; we’ll provide streamlined training built to support and elevate your capacity for dance.

Make the Most out
of Your Time

As a dancer, time spent in the studio is critical, and any time spent training off-floor skills must be both efficient and effective. We’ll provide you with a tailored program that addresses your individual needs and doesn’t take time away from the studio.

Target the Root of Your Pain with Data-Backed Insights

Maximize your capacity in the studio through targeted strengthening and streamlined training.

Stop Pushing Through the Pain

Dance is highly challenging and can require the body to move in unnatural and extreme ways. It’s rare that you meet a dancer who hasn’t experienced some level of pain or injury in training. 


Nearly all dancers develop compensations or movement inefficiencies that place load on structures not designed to handle the strain, leaving you with pain, discomfort, or even injury.


Spending day after day pushing through pain shouldn’t be the reality for dancers for so many dancers. Whether you’re in pre-pointe, preparing for summer intensives, or rehearsing for a rigorous competition season, you need to ensure that your body will rise to the occasion and meet the demands of intense training.

Dance Analysis - Turn Out
Dance Analysis
Dance Analysis

Elevate Your Training Capacity

To prepare you for the strongest season you can have, it’s essential to reinforce any areas of weakness and eliminate compensations during critical dance movements. 


Our dance analysis utilizes state-of-the-art force plate and movement sensor technology with high speed video to go beyond the naked eye and provide a complete look at your plies, turns, leaps, and other critical movements. 


Based on the data gathered, our doctors of physical therapy can identify any injury risk factors or compensations present and design a comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient plan to get you in tip top shape — without sacrificing your time in the studio.

Take on Your Next Combination with Confidence

Reinforce your movement foundation so that you’re ready for whatever the next class or choreographer throws at you.

Tell Us Your Story

In order to provide the best plan possible, we start by getting to know you. We want to dive into demands of your style or specialization, understand your goals and training load, and hear all about any pain or concerns you’re experiencing.

See All the Details

Our comprehensive analysis utilizes motion sensor technology, force plate feedback, and high speed cameras to catch every detail of your leaps and turns (and even your basics). We’ll also test strength, range of motion, and power generation to understand the foundation you’ve built.

Elevate Your Dancing

Based on the data collected, we’ll identify areas putting you at risk for injury and provide a streamlined plan designed to  build resilience and elevate your dancing (without interfering in the time you’re spending in the studio).

Real Dancers, Real Results, Better Performance

Don’t Put Up With Aches and Pains Limiting Your Training.

Dance injuries don’t have to be inevitable, and you don’t need to spend the whole season pushing through pain. Increase your resilience with a personalized program designed to elevate and injury-proof your dancing.

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