Injury Risk Assessment

The Bay Area’s only sports analysis that uses measurable data to minimize your risk of injury so that you can focus on what matters: performing at your best.

Run, Jump, and Cut with Confidence

In sports, every inch matters — the smallest details can change the outcome of a game.  The same is true with injuries. Small deviations and inefficiencies can result in everything from minor strains to season-ending ACL injuries.  To make sure you don’t miss the details that matter, you need a research-backed test with the specificity and detail to match your level of play. 

Accurate Analysis of
Your Movement at Game Speed

We use research-grade technology that allows us to see all of your movements with clarity and detail, even when you’re sprinting, stopping, and jumping at full speed. You’ll get information on joint angles, force production, and strength in sports-specific movements and positions, creating a full picture of you as an athlete.

Play Better, Longer,
and Stronger

Creating a strong movement foundation does more than reduce injury risk; it creates a stronger base for speed, power, and agility. By removing inefficiencies and optimizing your movement, you’ll be able to spend more time training — and get more out of it.

Targeted Training Insights
and a Precise Plan

Based on the data collected, our doctors of physical therapy will identify opportunities to reduce injury and improve performance. You’ll receive a quantitative injury risk score that will tell you if you’re in a low, moderate, or high injury risk category, as well as a targeted plan to address your weaknesses and reduce your injury risk.

Free Your Mind to Focus On What Really Matters: the Game

If fear of injury or a lack of confidence in your movement is holding you back from playing at 100 percent, put your mind at ease with our data-backed injury risk assessment.

Full Analysis From Every Angle

Research labs and high-end sports facilities have had access to movement and motion technology for decades, giving their athletes (both healthy and recovering) an edge in their training. If you’re an amateur athlete or weekend warrior, chances are you don’t have access to technical assessments until after you’re injured, and even then, only if it’s serious. 


Like much of our healthcare system, it’s reactive instead of proactive — and it doesn’t help you avoid injury in the first place. 


That’s why we created our injury risk assessment test, based on the same biomechanical principles used to clear athletes to return to sports after injury, and combined with research-grade technology. 

RTS Force Plate and Avatar
RTS - Hop Test

Receive a Quantitative Injury Risk Score

Using 3D biomechanical sensors, force plate data, high speed video, and muscle-tracking EMG, we can assess EVERY measure of sports movement at full speed and correlate it to your risk of injury. Our testing leaves no stone unturned, highlighting your movement strengths and areas for improvement.


At the end of your assessment, you’ll receive an “injury risk score” that places you at low, moderate, or high risk for injury. The scores correlate directly to movement patterns, inefficiencies, and compensations, and your physical therapist will walk you through all the details (and what they indicate!).

Training for Athletes, By Athletes

Using the data from your assessment, your physical therapist will lay out a comprehensive, progressive plan to reinforce areas of imbalance or inefficiency and reduce your injury risk. You’ll be challenged week over week with new exercises and sport-specific drills designed to give you a Competitive Edge. 


 Plus, data doesn’t end with your analysis. Throughout your program, you’ll continue using the tech for real-time feedback to ensure effective and efficient progress. By tracking specific variables of your sports movement, you’ll see improvements in strength and power while reducing your injury risk, leaving you free to focus on what really matters: training and competing at your best!

Sports Training

Test, Train, and See Your Progress

Build your confidence while reinforcing your movement foundation with specific tests, measurable outcomes, and personalized training based on your strengths and opportunities.

Data Collection and Analysis

Your injury risk assessment is a two-hour session designed to create a full picture of who you are as an athlete. You’ll start by sharing your story and goals with one of our doctors of physical therapy, continue through 8 or more sports-specific movement tests, and end with a comprehensive injury risk score.

Personalized Training

Using the data gathered during the testing phase, your doctor of physical therapy will create a custom plan to build a strong movement foundation for your specific sport. You’ll be challenged with a series of progressive exercises, drills, and data-backed training methods to reinforce your strengths and bring up any areas of weakness.


Throughout your training plan, you’ll be utilizing the same technology as your assessment. From force plate drills to strength measurements, your PT will continually update your metrics so that you can see your progress and gain confidence in your movement. At the end of your training plan, you’ll have the option to retake the injury risk assessment and receive an updated score.

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Don’t Give Injuries a Chance

There’s nothing worse than cutting a season short due to injury.  Don’t let it happen to you — stop injuries before they start so you can keep playing strong.

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