Physical Therapy

Get better, faster, with research-grade technology

and expert guidance.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

Don’t let pain and aggravation keep you from living life — it’s time to get to the root of the problem and create a plan to restore your movement and achieve your goals.

Treatment Focused on
Your Goals

Each person is unique in their needs, and we want to focus on what’s important to YOU. Using our expert analysis, we’ll develop the best, custom treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. No more generalized care, and no more guesswork!

Find the Root Cause of
Your Limits

There are plenty of solutions for temporary relief, but you deserve a full recovery. Our advanced technology will pinpoint what’s causing your pain so you can be confident we’re treating the actual problem, and not just the symptoms.

Get the Most Value for
Your Time

Don’t sacrifice your health because of a busy schedule.  We’ll help you get the MOST VALUE at every session with 1:1 expert guidance, targeted exercises, and live feedback to give you the confidence that you’re learning a better way to move.

Better Care through Tailored Treatment

Guided by a data-backed diagnosis, your physical therapy treatment will address the root cause of pain and limitation to ensure that you can continue to do what matters most to you.

Your Movement, Your Data

It’s one thing to know where you want to end up, and a whole other thing to know how to get there. At our clinic, we utilize advanced technology to collect specific movement data, giving us the insight to understand exactly what’s causing your pain or limitations and informing treatment moving forward.


And the insights don’t stop after the evaluation and diagnosis. 


Throughout your entire plan of care, we’ll use real-time feedback like muscle EMG (to measure muscle activation), landing force data, and high-speed video to make sure that you’re performing exercises with the right focus. Don’t waste your time performing exercises only to find out you weren’t getting the value the whole time — rely on data and real-time feedback to ensure your success!

Data-Driven Insights

Personalized Solutions and Guidance

Another huge benefit to working with personalized data? You can use it to create personalized treatment! Our team has the expertise to develop the best, most efficient steps for your plan of care to keep you feeling challenged and moving forward. 


All of our treatment programs are designed to be progressive, rooted in data, and based on measurable outcomes. That means that each time you’re with our team, we’ll update your exercises to keep you progressing, and you’ll be able to see and feel the changes in your strength and capabilities —  all while keeping your goals front and center.

Experience the Difference of a Personalized Plan

Using data-backed assessments, our doctors of physical therapy will provide you with a pinpoint diagnosis and a clear path forward.

Tell Us Your Story

The most important part of your movement journey is YOU! We want to hear from you about what’s been limiting your movement and what you want to get out of physical therapy. Your goals and progress are our #1 focus, and to build you the best plan possible, we have to start with YOU!

Get a Data-Backed Diagnosis

You and your physical therapist will work through a series of tests to pinpoint the true cause of your limitations. Depending on your primary concern, these tests might include strength, range of motion, muscle activation, force generation, and much more!

Start Moving Forward

Based on the diagnosis, combined with your biggest goals, your physical therapist will lay out a complete plan of care to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Each phase of the plan will progress you towards your goals and incorporate research-grade technology to ensure you’re getting the best outcome possible.

Using Movement as Medicine Can Change your Life...

Movement is the Driver of Life.
Don’t Leave Yours to Chance.

Get the best care possible for what matters most to you. Invest in your health — it’s far too important to wait.

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