Running Gait Analysis

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still in pain and unable to run the way you want to, it’s time to get to the root of what’s limiting your running.

Measurable Data Combined with Expert Analysis

Drop the generic, quick-fix solutions and leverage the power of a data-backed, personalized training system to avoid injury and break through training plateaus.

Treat the Cause, Not
the Symptoms

Too often, runners turn to “solutions” that only yield temporary relief. Our technology hones in on all the details of your running, allowing us to tackle the problem at its core. We address specific data points — joint angles, foot landing, force impact, and more — that are essential to healthy, long-term running.

All Your Running
Data, Explained

Our gait analysis collects a 3D picture of your running, from your landing forces to your stride metrics and everything in between. But we don’t just show you what they are — our gait specialists will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what it all means, why it happens, and how to leverage that for injury prevention and improved performance.

Maximize the Effectiveness
of Your Training

After identifying the cause of your pain and any inefficiencies  robbing you of speed and power, your specialist will develop a targeted training progression for you. With their guidance, you’ll move through a series of progressive exercises that will challenge you and build the strong running foundation you need to leave pain behind and reach your goals.

Stop Troubleshooting, Start Training

Don’t spend any more valuable time on temporary solutions; experience how data and expert insight can combine to get back to safe and confident running.

Focus on the Biomechanics

If you’re dealing with pain or injury, you’ve probably been told by a family member, friend, or doctor to “just stop running” or “run less.” Most people giving advice to runners wrongly assume that running is bad for your joints and so they provide generic exercises, stretching, or even the dreaded prescription of REST.


Unfortunately, this is standard practice — but it doesn’t address your need to run, train, and race — it only treats symptoms.


In order to banish your pain and performance limitations, you need to stop treating symptoms and get to the root of the problem. The single best way to do that?




Our 3D running gait analysis utilizes biofeedback and motion sensor technology to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain or limitation. We’ll collect information on joint angles, landing pressure, stride symmetry, and more to create a full picture of you, as a runner, backed by data.

Gait Analysis - Biomechanics
Guided Running Training

Dial in Your Training

We won’t just tell you the problem and leave you to fend for yourself, though; we’re here for you every step of the way. Once we’ve identified the cause of your pain and identified any form errors that could be robbing you of power, we’ll build you a personalized, progressive plan to come back as a stronger, faster runner. 


Along the way, we’ll walk you through exercises for muscle activation, control, and stability — and you’ll practice your running in our lab with real-time feedback. 


No matter your specific running issue, we can use multiple versions of visual and auditory feedback to help you make fast changes to your running stride while you’re running


Running is a skill that needs to be practiced, like any other sport, and with live feedback on your efforts, you can be sure that the work you’re putting in is focused in the right direction to keep you running strong.

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Let the Data Guide You

When you work with our team of experts, you’re working with hard data to measure all the details that matter and guide your training — there’s no guesswork about it.

Tell Us Your Story

The most important part of your movement journey is YOU! We want to hear from you about what’s been limiting your running and what you want to get out of your gait analysis. Getting you back to running your BEST is our #1 focus and we’ll design a custom treatment plan that directly aligns with your goals

Data Collection and Analysis

Your running gait specialist will use the best biomechanics technology in the Bay Area  to measure every detail of your running including joint angles, loading forces, stride metrics, and alignment.  Our analysis captures EVERYTHING so we don’t miss the key details that will get you out of pain and running in top form.  Why settle for just a video on a phone?

Create a Plan

After collecting and reviewing your running data in detail, your running specialist will outline a researched-backed PLAN to reach your goals.  They will walk you through the phases of your personalized plan and provide detailed information on the number (and frequency) of sessions, as well as the specific treatments and training progressions to ensure success.

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Stop Treating Your Pain and Start Solving Your Problem

Don’t spend any more time hoping you’ll get better with rest — take your recovery and performance to the next level with a gait analysis. Let us help you be the best runner you can be so you can regain the freedom of running and focus on training, for good.

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