Strength and Conditioning

Harness the power of data and cutting edge-sport science to bring your training to the next level.

Amplify Your Hard Work

Stop wondering if the time you spend at the gym is as effective as it could be. A structured progression can make all the difference — so let us build a plan with you, your schedule, and your goals in mind.

Regular Testing to
Ensure You’re Progressing

Once per month, you’ll meet with a doctor of physical therapy to collect data on your maximum strength, force generation, and the metrics most important to you. With regular testing, you’ll have confidence that your program is producing results. And, we get the data points necessary to continually refine and improve your program.

Custom Solutions Supported
by Expert Guidance

Everyone’s strength journey is different, and our process ensures that you have a full program designed to support the goals that matter to you the most. Plus, with 1:1, guided sessions each week, you can be sure you’re performing exercises safely and effectively to work through your program with confidence.

Access Your Program

In addition to your weekly sessions, you’ll also have access to your program via our athlete management software. The app lays out your program to a T, including sets, reps, weight, and rest times, so you can get to training without a second thought. Plus, the app also tracks other data points (like sleep quality and energy levels) that can provide deeper insight into your training in the bigger picture.

This is strength training, reimagined.

Enter a world of tailored, sport-specific, methodical, and adaptive training — everything you need to reach peak performance.

There is No “One Size Fits All” Plan

No more searching for the perfect plan or wondering if you’re doing the best exercises you could be. No more excel spreadsheets or half-written programs. All your strength, speed, and agility metrics will be tracked, and your program will be streamlined to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.


Plus, with direct access to your custom strength and conditioning program via our athlete management software, you’ll have your workout at your fingertips — no matter where you are.

Strength Training - Upper Body
Strength Training - Muscle Activation

Measure What Matters for You

Our strength and conditioning program is the only program in the Bay Area that allows you to combine strength and conditioning with cutting-edge sport science. We bring together data collection, repeat strength testing, and biomechanics training to ensure you’re progressing towards your personal goals — whatever those may be.


You’ll have monthly access to a doctor of physical therapy in addition to weekly (or biweekly!) training with a leader in the field of strength, conditioning, and performance. We’ll continually refine your program and track the metrics that make sense for your sport.

This is Strength Training — Made for YOU

From the first visit to your workouts at home, each and every session is designed by sports performance experts and guided by your data to keep your goals front and center.

Goal Setting and
Data Collection

In your first visit, you’ll sit down to discuss your current performance and where you’d like to be — this is where we set the foundation that your program will be built on. Next, your PT will collect data on your strength, range of motion, power, agility, and other relevant metrics based on your goals (such as jump height or one rep maxes). This data will be used with the latest sport-science research to build you an optimal plan for maximizing your training and decreasing your risk of injury.

Program Creation
and Implementation

Using the history, goals, and metrics collected at the first session, we’ll write a personalized, periodized training program centered around your needs. Once a week, you’ll have a one-on-one, guided strength and conditioning session where you’ll be introduced to any new exercises in your program, receive guidance on form, and get a great workout in! In between sessions, you’ll have access to your program through our athlete management system, CoachME+ (including frequency, sets, reps, weights, and rest for all workouts).

Re-Testing and Plan Revision

Approximately once per month, you’ll meet with your doctor of physical therapy for an hour-long session that includes your scheduled workout as well as updated data collection for your muscle strength, one-rep maxes, and other metrics based on your goals. With regular metric collection, we can ensure that you’re progressing towards your goals and make any adjustments to your program based on your athlete profile and test results.

Targeted Programs to Get You the Results You're Looking For

Make Every Workout Matter

Don’t spend any more time wondering if what you’re doing is working, or if there could be a better plan for your goals. Take the guesswork out of training and work with the BEST team to get you to peak performance.

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