Virtual Gait Analysis

Work with industry-leading running gait specialists, get pinpoint data on YOUR running form, and overcome injury to become a stronger, faster, and more resilient runner… from anywhere in the world.

Regain the Freedom of Running

Cutting edge technology and expert insights combine to find the root cause of your pain and performance limitations, letting you run how you want, when you want, for as long as you want.

Pinpoint Analysis in
Your Environment

Get detailed data on your running form — in your preferred running environment. You don’t have to enter a lab environment, travel to a clinic, or run on a treadmill to get accurate running data and a tailored solution.

Long-Lasting Solutions
Tailored to Your Data

Every runner is unique, so your solutions need to be, too. Based on the findings of your analysis, our running experts will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what your next best steps are.

Expert Advice from a
Trained Specialist

Your running deserves an expert eye. All of our practitioners are extensively trained in running biomechanics and retraining, meaning that you’ll always be working with a specialist in your sport.

End Pain and Improve Performance

The path to pain-free running and peak performance lies in accurate, expert analysis and optimal biomechanics.

Stop Relying on Temporary Solutions

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve tried everything you can think of already…. 


Maybe you’ve tried custom orthotics or new shoes, and it helped a little, but the pain just moved around, or came back after disappearing for a little while. 


Same with foam rolling, stretching, and that workout for runners that you found on Google… It seems to provide some relief, but it never lasts, and at the end of the day, all you’ve done is spend your time and energy on solutions that aren’t truly solving your problem.

Running Progress
Virtual Gait (AI Angles)

Optimize Your Running Form

To truly address pain and performance limitations, you need to find the root cause behind the symptoms — and those answers lie in biomechanics. 


In our gait analysis, we utilize AI-powered software to analyze your running form with a high degree of accuracy. You’ll receive pinpoint data on joint angles, stride metrics, and other biomechanical factors at key stages in your running gait, allowing us to identify any inefficiencies that may be robbing you of power or causing you pain.

Expert Insight from Anywhere in the World

And it’s a lot easier than you think.

Submit Videos

You’ll take three videos of your running (left, right, and back view) in your preferred environment (local trails, a track, on the street, or wherever you run) and at your preferred time. (Only feel pain after mile 6? No problem — just take the videos then.) This doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and we’ll walk you through every step from what to wear to how to hold the camera. You’ll upload the videos to a portal, and the software does the rest!

AI-Powered Analysis

With the assistance of AI software, your running videos are analyzed to identify key joint angles at the three crucial stages of running gait. One of our doctors of physical therapy reviews the data and the footage of your running to determine the cause of your pain or the biomechanical limitations keeping you from reaching your goals.

Review and Plan

During an hour-long, one-on-one call, your physical therapist will walk you through your running and the data gathered to identify the true cause of your pain and frustration. You’ll receive a full written report with all the findings and have access to your analyzed videos in the portal. Based on your goals and accessible resources, your PT will lay out a progressive plan to optimize your running form and get you back to running pain-free.

We’ve helped runners from around the globe eliminate decades of pain

Take Control of Your Running Training

Experience the power of data-backed, tailored insight. Start the journey to pain-free, injury-resistant, powerful running TODAY. 

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