Walking Gait Analysis

If you’ve already tried orthotics, braces, or rest but can’t get back to hiking and walking without pain, it’s time for a long-term solution.

Get To The "Root" Of Your Walking Limitation

Leave temporary solutions behind and regain the freedom to live and move on your terms, without relying on orthotics, painkillers, or surgery.

Take the Guesswork Out
of Treatment

Our research-grade analysis equipment captures joint angles, pressure mapping, and all the details of your gait to let you “see” exactly what needs to be improved. That means no more guessing and checking to see if your treatment is effective — even for those with challenging or chronic limitations.

Receive a Customized,
Long-Term Solution

By pinpointing specific deviations in your gait, our specialists are able to focus treatment on the root cause of your discomfort to get rid of your pain and prevent it from coming back in the future.  We won’t give you a generic plan or busywork; your treatment will be tailored to your needs.

Get Results Faster with
Real Time Feedback

In our clinic, you’ll have live feedback to watch AS you’re walking, that way you know exactly what changes to make, and what they feel like when you adjust your form. Real-time feedback ensures you’re making the changes that matter — and helps you make them faster!

Look at Your Walking in a New Way

If you’ve dealt with an uneven gait, pain with walking, or inability to walk or hike the way you want to, it’s time to stop using temporary solutions.

Throw Away Your Orthotics

Orthotics, tape, rest, and painkillers are the “standard” for getting rid of pain and limitations with walking — but the truth is, those fixes are only treating your symptoms, and that’s simply not enough. 


Walking is essential to our everyday lives, and when you’re dealing with pain and discomfort with basic movement, it’s hard to enjoy even the simplest things. You deserve more than quick fixes and temporary solutions. 


To truly improve your walking, you need a solution that targets the actual problem: biomechanical deviations. When you understand the true cause of your pain and discomfort, it can be corrected and improved through movement retraining without relying on devices, inserts, or special shoes.

Pressure Prints
Walking Gait Analysis

Get Gait-Specific Testing and Training

Walking is a surprisingly complex activity, which is why our analysis is designed to catch all the details of your movement. We don’t just watch you walk on a treadmill or take a quick iPhone video; we use state of the art technology and expert analysis to go beyond what the naked eye can see. 


Based on your personal movement data, we provide you with a pinpointed diagnosis and plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be: walking, hiking, and living on your terms. 


And we’ll be with you every step of the way (literally). We’ll help you through exercise programs, provide expert guidance, and utilize our lab technology to provide real-time feedback on your efforts. This is the best way to retrain your walking and regain your freedom of movement.

Let Data Pave the Path to Your Goals

No matter where your journey takes you, we’ll create a customized, data-backed plan to rebuild your confidence and get you back to walking and hiking with ease.

Tell Us Your Story

The most important part of your movement journey is YOU! Walking is an essential facet to our everyday lives, and learning about your limitations, frustrations, and overall goals is invaluable for our team to understand. Your treatment plan is all about YOUR progress to living life again as you should, and our team is dedicated to customizing your plan of care to ensure that you get back to doing what you love, safely and confidently.

Collect and Analyze Data

Walking is a surprisingly complex motion when it comes down to the biomechanics. Our gait specialists will walk you through our data collection process (both literally and figuratively) so we have all the working pieces to assess your gait. Together, you and your specialist will dig deep into the minutiae of your walking form until you have a comprehensive understanding of what is causing your movement limitations.

Create a Plan

Once you’ve reviewed the findings, it’s time to leverage that data and structure the next actionable steps for your recovery. Your physical therapist will break down the phases of your treatment plan, including what exercises and treatment will be involved, and at what frequency. We’ll provide a specific, pinpoint plan with deliberate training and feedback to restore your ability to walk confidently and pain-free.

Walking Pain-Free and with Confidence is Possible

Give yourself the freedom to walk and live the way you want

Work with our team of specialists to get gait-specific testing and training, and find out how to treat the true cause of your pain and limitations.

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